Nextcloud Storage


Enable productivity across any platform, whether in the office or on the road, to share, collaborate and communicate across organizational boundaries. Transparent access to data on any storage.


Protect, control and monitor data and communication across your company. Guarantee compliance with business and legal requirements. Keep your data on servers you own, at all times. Nothing leaks, not even metadata.


Enjoy constant improvements from a thriving and transparent, entirely open-source community development model, free of lockins or paywalls. Enjoy the benefits of enterprise support when you need it.
Why Nextcloud?

Nextcloud Files is a cloud storage and file sharing software that provides easy access to sharing and collaboration from anywhere, anytime. All that without any data leaks to third parties and with full control over the data.

Easy access anywhere

A modern and easy-to-use web interface, desktop clients and mobile apps. Real-time collaboration and instant access to all data from any device, anywhere!

Ultimate security

Powerful encryption capabilities and a built-in rule-based File Access Control. Complemented by strong password policies, brute-force protection, ransomware protection and more.

Deep integration

Access data from FTP, Windows Network Drive, SharePoint, NFS, Object storage. Simple configuration lower costs and decrease risk while leveraging existing IT investments.

Advanced file versioning

File retention and deletion can also be controlled based on tags set manually or automatically, ensuring legal or practical requirements can be enforced.

File picker dialog

The dialog supports favorites and recent files and remembers sort order and the last file location making it a lot more convenient to use.

Desktop client

Any file you add, modify or delete in the synced folders on your desktop or laptop will show up, change or disappear on the server and all other connected devices.
Need Help?

Is Nextcloud GDPR Compliant?

Self-hosting is the quickest and easiest way to legal compliance with a wide variety of regulations. By keeping data on your company servers, there is no need for contracts with other companies or complicated audit processes.

You still have comply with security and compliance requirements demanding you take appropriate security measures.

Why is Nextcloud Open Source?

Nextcloud’s use of widely used and understood Open Source licenses provides customers legal certainly, protection against vendor lock-in and a guarantee that we offer top notch services. They facilitate an open, collaborative development model, resulting in more reliable and secure software. Open Source protects your business, guaranteeing the value of your investment for the long term.

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