Website Maintenance

WordPress / PHP

We specialize in website maintenance services for PHP and WordPress websites, ensuring they remain optimized and up-to-date.

Backup & Support

Achieve peace of mind with our comprehensive support and maintenance services tailored to your needs.

Page Optimisation

We prioritize continuous monitoring and optimization of your website's loading speed, ensuring optimal performance despite content updates.
What’s included in our website maintenance service?

Add, Edit or Remove Content

We can help enhance the aesthetics and user experience of your website by providing valuable insights and feedback as we work together.

Change Contact Forms

Our expert assistance guarantees that your contact forms remain relevant, effective, and optimized in capturing the data you require or needed.

Monthly Backup

iNeXT's website maintenance services include monthly backups to safeguard your website's information, preventing any loss of data.

Wordpress and Plugin Upgrade

iNeXT ensures your website's peak performance with timely updates of essential plugins and tools for optimal functionality.

Site Administration and Password Management

iNeXT's password management and site administration services, we ensure the security and integrity of your website.

Website Page Speed Optimization

We'll regularly optimize your website's loading speed to ensure it maintains performance across all devices.
Need Help?

Drawing upon our extensive experience in website services, we’ve compiled answers to common inquiries to provide you with valuable insights and assistance.

Why is website maintenance important?

Understanding the significance of regular website maintenance for security, performance, and user experience.

What are the consequences of neglecting website maintenance?

Outlining the risks associated with neglecting maintenance, such as security vulnerabilities, decreased search engine ranking, and loss of customer trust.

How do I know if my website needs maintenance?

Identifying common signs indicating the need for maintenance, such as slow loading times, outdated content, or security warnings.

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